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Immune Supplements

Birkdale Medicinal Immune Supplements contain a  superior blend of mushroom extracts, and are the best on today's market.


  • CoQ10 QQ™ plus Natural PQQ

    CoQ10 QQ™ plus Natural PQQ

    CoQ10 plus Natural PQQThe Dynamic Duo for heart, cognitive, and mitochondria energy health. Coenzyme Q10 supplement can benefit your health, from increased energy and mental clarity to significantly improved heart health...

  • Natural PQQ + C

    Natural PQQ + C

    Natural PQQ plus Citrulline Form: Vegetarian Capsules Similar to CoQ10, NaturalPQQ™ is a powerful Heart, Brain, and Energy Super Nutrient.PQQ is a bioactive coenzyme that supports, protects and promotes new...

  • NerveQQ + Natural PQQ 100mg

    NerveQQ + Natural PQQ 100mg

    100mg QH plus 20mg Natural PQQ Actual Name: QH plus Natural PQQ Form: Vegetarian Softgel   Supports NeurogenesisSupports Healthy Nerve FunctionSupports the production of Nerve Growth Factor...

  • Silymarin 81

    Silymarin 81

    Silymarin 81 - Liver Health Supplement   The liver performs over 300 vital functions, acting as your body's detoxifier. It is your body's primary metabolic processor for most substances, including internally produced...

  • Immune Response 247 - 5 Mushroom Formula 120 Capsules

    Immune Response 247 - 5 Mushroom Formula 120 Capsules

    Mushroom Extracts   Immune Response 247 - 5 Mushroom Formula Our bestselling immune system support for adults, featuring some of the world’s most powerful mushroom extracts. Immune Response 247 is our...

  • Cordyceps Sinensis CS4

    Cordyceps Sinensis CS4

    Medicinal Mushroom Extracts   Cordyceps Sinensis CS4   Once reserved exclusively for the emperors of ancient China, Cordyceps has become the supplement of choice among world-class competitive athletes...

  • Reishi Super Strength

    Reishi Super Strength

    ORGANIC REISHI GANO 161 - GANODERMA LUCIDUM   Organic Wood-Grown Mushrooms   The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) is one of the most revered herbs known. Now known as Ling zhi in China, there are references...

  • Colostrum


    Colostrum   Daily Health Supplement   Colostrum is one of nature's super foods. It is high in protein, low in fat and contains natural antibodies called secretory immuniglobins. It also contains immune...

  • Immune Response 247 Power Pack

    Immune Response 247 Power Pack

    Immune Supplements   IMMUNE RESPONSE 247 POWER PACK - COLOSTRUM & IMMUNE RESPONE 247   The ultimate in human immunity care, our Immune Response 247 Power Pack combines two of our most popular products,...


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